R, E & L Thurlow Ltd are your one stop shop for all things horticultural. We source and supply the best quality plants at the best possible prices from reputable nurseries across the UK.

In addition to supplying your plants and sundries you can also take advantage of our knowledge and experience through a range of supplemental services.


Wholesale prices to the Retail Customer

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Garden Maintenance

We also specialise in garden maintenance. We can provide a regular garden maintenance service or perform a simple one off job. We provide a huge range of services for both domestic and commercial clients. Our dedicated team have extensive knowledge in garden maintenance. We take pride in doing a job to the best of our abilities and we will always go the extra mile to provide our clients with the best service we can. A well-kept garden will improve the look of your property and we will make it a pleasure for you to sit in on a summer day! If you require garden maintenance services, at competitive prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our services include:

Grass cutting

Lawn maintenance

Shrub pruning

Herbaceous border maintenance

Hoeing, Weeding, Digging

Hedge trimming

Planting Scheme Design

When choosing trees, shrubs or other plants it is important to consider the purpose of the planting and the soil and site conditions.

Purpose - in a planting scheme different trees and shrubs will fulfill different roles such as mature plants adding landscape structure, hedging to form a barrier, ground cover for soil stabilisation and weed control and a mix of evergreen, deciduous and flowering plants to give year round interest.

Conditions - each location will have different site conditions and soil type and consideration should be given to appropriate plants to meet these conditions for effective establishment.

Native Species - the use of plants that are native to the region in which they are being planted will be beneficial in ensuring their establishment and long-term survival and will also create a visual effect which is consistent with the surrounding area and a suitable wildlife habitat.

R, E & L Thurlow Ltd are experienced in selecting the right plants for the purpose and conditions and will create a suitable planting scheme for your project and then source high quality, hardy, native plant stock.

Golf Course Planting Schemes

R, E & L Thurlow Ltd have particular experience in designing planting schemes for golf courses, taking into consideration the same factors mentioned above but in the context of a golf course.

As keen golfers ourselves we understand the particular requirements of planting for new golf courses, ground under repair etc. and can recommend and source all of your plant requirements from selected UK nurseries to ensure successful establishment.

Landscape Services - Pipeline Industry

In partnership with Elizabeth Woodstock Ltd, we deliver hedge re-instatement and landscape services to the pipeline industry.

Elizabeth Woodstock Ltd are CIS registered and supply a full range of landscape services to the pipeline industry including:-

    - hedge re-instatement
    - AGI landscaping works
    - fencing
    - full maintenance, weed and pest control

R, E & L Thurlow Ltd - source and supply the plants to the appropriate specifications from British nurseries (making them suitable for the British climate). We supply:-

    - cell grown tree seedlings
    - container grown trees
    - container grown shrubs
    - wild flowers
    - native grass mixes
    - aquatic plants
    - materials and sundries (guards, cane, bark mulch etc)

If required plants can be contract grown to order with specific provenance or in peat free growing media.

Woodland Design And Management

In response to growing demand for woodland planting arising from the decline of agricultural incomes, we are able to offer in partnership with FBS Woodland Solutions Ltd, a service to assist in obtaining the maximum possible financial support for tree planting.

Government and private grants are available for the establishment and maintenance of new woodlands, and there is also assistance available for improving and maintaining existing woodlands and for biomass production.

Where appropriate, a woodland plan can be designed to help to maximise the potential for wood production, sporting opportunities, conservation, amenity, shelter and landscaping as major objectives.

FBS have developed a unique crop model for reducing the traditionally long rotations of forestry to enable positive financial outcomes within radically shorter timescales (one recent trial has reached sufficient size to yield timber for the energy market from thinnings within 3 years).

They can also assess existing woodland and make recommendations on possible management options and product marketing opportunities. We will also tell you what grants are available and can help secure them for you.

FBS are specialists in bringing derelict and under-managed woodland back into economic production and we can often find ways of doing this whilst generating income and improving the woodland's environmental value.

Wood Energy

FBS can also advise on the installation and fuel supply for wood burning heat system installations as well as growing the trees with this end use specifically in mind, using the "short rotation forestry crop model" they have developed.

Planting Service

We can now offer a full planting service using a qualified and experienced landscape contractor for all your hedging and forestry planting schemes, private garden planting etc.

Metal Tree Guards, Railings, Security Grilles etc...

A large part of our business comes from selling trees and it seemed a natural progression to offer our client’s the opportunity of buying metallic protective tree guards.

These can be made to the client’s own specification in light, medium or heavy duty black painted metal by an extremely well qualified craftsman.

We recently supplied some heavy duty guards to protect trees in a well known supermarket’s car park to prevent vandalism to their trees! The photo below shows a guard made of light gauge steel and gives an indication of the quality that we can offer.

We hope you will give us the opportunity of quoting you for your requirements and take advantage of this new service that we can offer. We have not quoted a price on this website as the designs and specifications available are varied and vast, but we are sure you will find us competitive.

Apart from Guards we can also offer a full range of railings, security grilles, in fact anything to do with metalcraft. Please do not hesitate to enquire into our full range. The photo below shows railings recently made and supplied to a new build in Lincolnshire.

Turf suppliers...

We can supply cultivated sport and lawn turf which is freshly harvested for installation on domestic lawns, local authority areas, business parks and sports grounds. The seed mixture is specifically produced to be hard wearing and shade and drought tolerant.

Small Roll

Small roll turf is 600mm wide x 1.65m long with each roll covering 1m².   The small roll is strong, light and manageable by hand making it quick and easy to lay - suitable for lawns and small areas.

Big Roll

Big roll turf is between 10mm and 40mm thick, 750mm and 1200mm wide and up to 25m long with each roll covering up to 20m². Turf rolls of this size should be installed using specialist tractor mounted equipment. Big roll is suitable for large gardens, local authority areas and business parks.


£ 1.20 per m2 plus VAT and delivery costs

(We can get up to 50m2 (50 rolls as each covers 1 m2) on a pallet)

A charge of £4.85 will also be made for Pallet and Wrap